Higherground is the central program, offering one-on-one mentoring that is utilized to establish lasting change in a young person’s life. Mentors will be paired with a youth student and will both commit to work one-on-one for a minimum of 4 months together. During their time they will participate in weekly planned activities, these activities are tailored to each youth and are specific to what their needs and goals are for their future. On top of helping with the student’s success in school, the focus will also be life skills packets, leadership packets, basic budgeting, job prep, parenting skills for those with kids, as well activities to strengthen their communication skills. Our hope is not only to transform the lives of the youth in our program but as they successfully complete each level, our hope is their families, school and communities will also be transformed. Will you come join us and play a part in changing the life, trajectory and outcome of a youths future?

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