The ComeBack Kid Society is a 501C3 nonprofit agency providing free mentoring programs for at risk youth.  We are on a mission to help youth unearth potential, harness greatness and discover their true purpose.  Our programs have partnerships with local schools, juvenile detention centers and foster facilities where we pair at-risk youth with free mentors.

When paired with a mentor the greatness inside of them can be discovered, developed, and in turn, radically change the trajectory of their life.
In providing these free mentors we are essentially offering a second chance, or a “do over”, if you will. Only through personal one-on-one relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be re-established which in turn gives youth the environment they need to foster commitments. These environments and relationships promote follow through so they can be successful as they venture into adulthood.  

During their time together the mentors and mentees will participate in weekly planned activities, these activities are tailored to each youth and are specific to what their needs and goals are for their future. On top of helping with the student’s success in school, the focus will also be life skills packets, leadership packets, basic budgeting , job prep, parenting skills for those with kids, as well activities to strengthen their communication skills. 

Our hope is not only to transform the lives of the youth in our program but as they successfully complete each level, our hope is their families, school and communities will also be transformed. Based on statistics we have found, when at risk youth do not have mentors and someone consistently pouring into their lives, most will carry out the cycle that they have been born into rather than rise up and become the leader that they have been destined to be. The focus for the youth is slightly different at each phase of the program but the goal remains the same; empower the young person to make positive changes in his/her life. Will you come join us and play a part in changing the life, trajectory and outcome of a youths future?

The ComeBack starts now.