At The Comeback Kid Society (CKS), we believe in transforming lives and opening doors to brighter futures for the teenagers we serve. Our Work Internship program is a key initiative designed to provide our foster teenagers with opportunities to gain essential skills, build confidence, and make a successful transition to adulthood. h

About the Program:

This Work Internship program is our latest initiative, launched to bridge the gap between foster care, the juvenile justice system and our underserved communities into the professional world. We understand the unique challenges that they approach adulthood and understand many of these young individuals have not had the same opportunities as their peers. Our program is here to change that.

How It Works:

We start by identifying students from our programs that we currently mentor and narrow that number down to a select group. These teens are then interviewed, hired and signed up for training and orientation, a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Hands-on training
  • Workshops
  • Educational videos
  • Worksite tours
  • Skill-building sessions
  • Personal development coaching

This training, totaling 8 hours, equips our teens with the skills and knowledge they need to step into a work environment with confidence.

Making a Lasting Impact:

This program is about more than just job training; it’s about changing lives. Our mission is to eradicate homelessness, incarceration and cycles of poverty by providing them with experiences that secure their future.

Why It Matters:

  • Building Connections: The program connects students with local businesses, offering real work experience and the potential for long-term employment.
  • Securing Financial Independence: By starting at age 14, teens can save up enough money for essentials like a car and an apartment, making the transition to adulthood smoother.
  • Supporting Dreams: Our program is designed to empower and uplift these teens, helping them realize their potential and follow their dreams.

The Work Internship program is a beacon of hope for teens. It not only gives them the tools they need for a successful future but also provides resources and connections that will carry them into adulthood.

Current Partners:

Three remarkable Community partners allowing our students to work with their companies are Kize Concepts and Thrive Church and the Regional Food Bank. Their support extends far beyond the workplace, as they believe in the potential of every young person we serve. Together, we are creating opportunities, building skills, and fostering hope for a brighter future for the young individuals in our program.”

Get Involved:

You can be a part of this transformational journey. Whether you’re a local business looking to collaborate or an individual wanting to mentor, your support makes a significant impact. Together, we can change lives and give these teens the opportunities they deserve.